Crowds of supporters have gathered outside Kingston Crown Court today (Thursday, October 29) with the sentencing of the man found guilty of his manslaughter expected during the afternoon.

Family and friends of Archie and his family massed outside the court under the rain, holding umbrellas and wearing pink colours associated with the campaign, and singing football chants featuring Archie's name.

SENTENCED: Archie Beston killer jailed alongside co-defendant

As the Surrey Comet reported previously, Tyron Bryan, 20, from Kingston was found guilty of manslaughter on October 2.

He was also convicted of Section 20 GBH on a second victim who was also stabbed, and for possession of an offensive weapon.

Archie's mum Becky told the Surrey Comet earlier this week she hoped for a change in the justice system in light of Archie's death.

"The justice system needs to change. They were known for carrying knives... We had no idea about any of this, we’re so far removed from this,” Becky said, remarking on the two men, Byron and Finlay Ahwan, who were directly involved in Archie’s death (Ahwan drove the van that Byron was in during the incident).

While Byron was found guilty of manslaughter, Ahwan was convicted of attempted GBH (with the vehicle) and dangerous driving.

Both had previous convictions for offences including possession of a knife, the Met Police confirmed, after the guilty verdicts were reached earlier this month (October 2).

"I was 19 when I had Archie and we share everything together. Now I’m 39 and my age is my enemy because it’s even longer till I get to be with him...

"Even now, I’m making a flask of tea and biscuit for him... I can’t sleep. I just don’t get a rest. It’s completely destroyed us all. It’s taken away everything. My whole world has stopped," Becky said.

Campaigners with Justice for Archie Beston have demonstrated across London under the slogan 'Use a knife, Get Life' and hope for the strongest possible sentencing for Bryan.

His sentencing was expected at Kingston Crown Court around 2pm on Thursday.