After ordering all construction work to halt at the Scotts Farm Road development in Ewell on Monday (October 12), Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) have now allowed developers to resume work after changes in operations were made.

Responding to EEBC's order that work stop on the site until residents' concerns had been addressed, developers Bellway said they had acted as per instructions received by the council and were now resuming work.

A spokesperson for Bellway told the Surrey Comet:

"After consultation with the Planning Officer on 30th September 2020, it was understood that some points of the Construction Traffic Management Plan were not fully adhered to, so we took the decision to stop work on those elements of construction and implement the work required to complete enabling works with minimal contractors on site.

"Since then, the work has been completed in line with the CTMP and we are continuing construction work on the development as of 13th October 2020.

"We are in regular communication with the Planning Officer and also arranged to meet on-site on the morning of 13th October 2020 to review the completed work.

"Construction work on the development planned to recommence on 13th October 2020 and our Public Relations contractor communicated this through a letter drop to immediate neighbours."

Surrey Comet: Dust collects in a garden nearby the development on Scotts Farm Road in Ewell. Image: Christine BaileyDust collects in a garden nearby the development on Scotts Farm Road in Ewell. Image: Christine Bailey

There was no mention from Bellway regarding residents' concerns over noise and construction fallout like debris and dust impacting their daily lives.

The planned resumption of work on Tuesday comes just one day after EEBC announced publicly their order for Bellway to cease work at the site until they had addressed certain concerns.

A spokesperson for EEBC said that "enhanced operation procedures" at the Scotts Farm Road site had now been implemented and that they had given developers the greenlight to resume work.

"Following the introduction of enhanced operating procedures, better access arrangements and monitoring equipment, due to the intervention from Epsom and Ewell Borough Council, we are pleased to announce that the developer will be restarting work on the site.

"We will continue to monitor the situation, including with site inspections."

Their announcement represents a rapid reversal from Monday's message, in which a spokesperson cited "numerous complaints" of residents they had received about the development including "excess noise and dust, inadequate provision for construction traffic and site workers parking inappropriately in nearby streets."

Cllr Woodbridge who chairs the planning committee on EEBC went further on Monday, saying it was "disappointing that a major developer has seemingly had so little concern for its new neighbours."

As the Surrey Comet reported previously, neighbours to the Scotts Farm Road site, for which 161 new homes were planned on land formerly belonging to Epsom and Ewell High School, expressed their frustration at the impact the building was having on their lives back in August.

"We do not sit in our gardens, its noisy and everything gets coated in dust, including humans if they sit still for long enough,” resident Christine Bailey said.