Work has been suspended at the Scotts Farm Road development in Ewell after an intervention from Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (EEBC).

After a vociferous backlash to the development from residents, who told the Surrey Comet they had been negatively impacted by the work, EEBC said they had ordered all work to halt at the site.

On Monday (October 12), a spokesperson for EEBC described the council's decision as a direct response to the volume of complaints received by residents:

"Acting in response to complaints from local residents, Epsom and Ewell Borough Council has instructed work to be suspended on the multi-million pound Scotts Farm Road development in Ewell.

"Work can only resume once an acceptable Construction Traffic Management Plan for the site has been submitted.

"The council had received numerous complaints from neighbouring properties as construction of 160 new homes got underway.

"These cited excess noise and dust, inadequate provision for construction traffic and site workers parking inappropriately in nearby streets."

Indeed, some of those complaints were aired by residents back in August in conversation with the Surrey Comet.

One of them, Christine Bailey, told the Comet:

"We have had lorries with very large construction equipment; noise, vibration and dust has been incredible.

"Residents have suffered and are still suffering from the inconsiderate and un-neighbourly contractors...We cant see out of our coated windows, we’d like them open but start coughing and watering eyes. It’s not fresh air!”

Surrey Comet: Image of Scotts Farm Road development in August. (Christine Bailey) Image of Scotts Farm Road development in August. (Christine Bailey)

Councillor Clive Woodbridge, chairman of the borough council’s planning committee, offered a statement alongside EEBC's which echoed almost precisely the complaints voiced by residents near to the Scotts Farm Road site:

"No one should have to live with the degree of nuisance that the residents adjoining this development have been subjected to.

"After a number of interventions from the council to try to alleviate the situation, we have now taken this action, which stops short of a formal notice to stop," he said.

Cllr Woodbridge meanwhile slammed developers Bellway for what he said was a lack of concern for people living near to the building site:

“It is disappointing that a major developer has seemingly had so little concern for its new neighbours.

"We are determined to use the enforcement powers at our disposal to ensure that agreed conditions are adhered to and the impact on the quality of life of local residents is minimised."

The site formerly belonged to Epsom and Ewell High School and developers hope it will host 161 new homes once completed.

Bellway said in August it had offered concessions to people living in the Scotts Farm Road area after hearing their complaints.

The developers said they had installed netting to catch debris and offered window-cleaning services for people living adjacent to the site.

Bellway were contacted for comment by the Surrey Comet.