A mother and baby narrowly avoid calamity in Epsom after a car crash missed them by a matter of moments yesterday afternoon (September 28).

The crash occurred between two cars on Upper High Street in Epsom around 2pm, with traffic badly impacted in the area on Monday afternoon.

Images from the scene showed a grey-coloured car driven into the traffic island for pedestrians on a busy crossing at the junction between Upper High Street and Church Street.A nearby black car that seemed to also have been involved meanwhile came to a stop nearby, with police cars arriving shortly after 2pm.

Surrey Comet: The crash as scene from a nearby business. Image: John Freeze/Vintage PawnbrokerThe crash as scene from a nearby business. Image: John Freeze/Vintage Pawnbroker

An eyewitness to the crash told the Surrey Comet that a lady who was pushing her baby with a pram exclaimed "we could have been killed!" soon after a loud bang was heard at the scene.

Responding to a request for comment, a police spokesperson confirmed that no one had been injured in the wake of the accident, which proved a lucky escape for those involved:

"Surrey Police was called to Upper High Street in Epsom shortly after 2pm this afternoon (28 September) after receiving a report of a collision between two cars.

"The road was partially blocked whilst officers dealt with the scene, but has now fully reopened.

"There were no injuries sustained and both vehicles have been recovered."