Some 500 hectares were burnt by in the Chobham Common wildfire that continues to burn into its fifth day after breaking out on Friday afternoon (August 4).

That's according to Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) who have been leading efforts to contain the blaze in partnership with other emergency services.

An update on the wildfire, which SFRS expects to be dealing with through the rest of the week at least, was provided by Assistant Chief Fire Officer Kasey Beal.

Beal said that SFRS believed around 500 hectares had been burnt in the fire so far but said that fire crews have officially contained the blaze since it broke out on Friday.

"The fire remains at approximately 500 hectares and is contained.

"However, the fire does remain active in isolated areas, especially along the roadways within the common and in pockets well within the containment lines," he said.

The persistently high temperatures and the likelihood of thunderstorms are encouraging SFRS to stay at the scene of the blaze to ensure it remains under control, he added.

Surrey Comet: Image of the blaze posted by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. Image of the blaze posted by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service.

As the Surrey Comet reported previously, dozens of residents were forced to evacuate in the face of the fire on Friday evening but have since begun to return to their homes.

In Tuesday's (August 11) update on the wildfire from Surrey County Council (SCC), a spokesperson said:

"The fire on Chobham Common is an ongoing major incident.

"The situation remains stable and 16 firefighters continue to damp down fire sectors and monitor and prevent further spread of fire using eight off-road, specialist wildfire vehicles."

Wildfires are becoming more common in the UK and around the world as the climate crisis escalates.

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