Here is the latest breakdown, area by area, where there have been positive cases of Covid-19.

The data is provided by Public Health England and looks at cases by 'Middle Super Output Area' - a type of statistical unit used in the reporting of small area statistics.

It provides figures for areas which have had three or more positive cases, so some areas not listed below may have had positive cases, but the number falls below three.

The latest figures show positive cases from July 13 to July 19.

Wandsworth has six cases altogether, with three cases in East Putney and three in Tooting East.

St Georges Hospital in Tooting was hit hard by the pandemic, and has seen 295 coronavirus-related deaths to date.

But a hospital spokesperson confirmed on July 23 that there are no covid-positive in-patients currently being treated in the hospital.

Just last month, there were 30 patients per week in the hospital with coronavirus, and six being treated in intensive care.

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Surrey Comet: Tooting East and East Putney have 3 cases eachTooting East and East Putney have 3 cases each

Merton, Sutton, Epsom, Croydon, Richmond and Kingston Upon Thames have no positive cases recorded on the map.

The map can be viewed by typing in the relevant postcode.