A driver who took cocaine after saying he felt tired crashed his car into four parked cars in Sunbury and damaged a number of houses in the area on Sunday (July 19).

The crash took place on Staines West Road A308, police said, in the moments before midnight yesterday evening.

An image of the aftermath of the crash posted on social media showed debris littering the residential road in Sunbury.

The front of what appeared to be the driver's car appeared totally crumpled, while nearby another vehicle could be seen damaged and pushed up against a house.

Posting about what happened on Twitter, a spokesperson for the Surrey Road Policing Unit (RPU) who responded to the incident said that the driver had admitted taking cocaine after "feeling tired earlier".

He was reportedly travelling at 60 miles per hour in a 30mph zone, twice the speed limit.

Police took a blood sample for analysis from the driver and said they were continuing to appeal for information about what happened:

"The driver is this Audi S3 was apparently feeling tired earlier, so took Cocaine, switched off the traction control and has admitted driving at 60mph in a 30 zone in Sunbury, where he crashed into 4 parked cars and caused damage to three properties," a spokesperson for Surrey RPU said.

"We’ve taken a blood sample for forensic testing to see what substances are in his system.

"Thankfully nobody else was injured.

"Occurred at 23:40 on A308 Staines Road West, Sunbury. Ref: P20168046 / 40996," they added.