Photographs of a group of baby swans with their parent in Ewell have won an online photography competition to feature in a countryside calender.

The winning shots were taken by budding Photographer Emma Barker, who passes the swans on walks in the rural suburb.

They were awarded a spot in the Coutryside Restoration Trust calender after Emma submitted them for consideration recently.

"All the residents of Ewell love the cygnets on Bourne Hall pond and lots of people were sad to see some of them missing again this year!" She told the Comet, referencing a reported decline baby swan numbers at the popular park.

Surrey Comet: Emma Barker's shot of cygnets at Bourne Hall pond in Ewell. Emma Barker's shot of cygnets at Bourne Hall pond in Ewell.

Emma runs a photography and wildlife blog on Instagram and said she had been keeping an eye on the fluffy feathered friends in tandem with her photography while out and about.

"The same happened last year when one of the parents disappeared with half the babies - there were originally 7, that went down to 3 and now 2!" She said of what might be causing fewer cygnets at the pond.

Regardless of the status of their parents, the cygnets are now set to adorn the homes of many who take up the Trust's forthcoming calendar.

Emma said it was "nice to know our little village cygnet’s are going to be famous."