A group of feminists in Weybridge have turned their organizing skills to supporting the town's foodbank amid a shortfall in donations.

The Weybridge branch of the Soroptimists, an international women's rights group founded in 1921, helped raise £500 in a week for the Runnymede Foodbank that serves Weybridge and is increasingly in need of support to cope with rising demand.

Last week, members from the pro-feminist group responded to reported shortages of foodstuffs and other essential items provided by the foodbank for residents in need.

They collectively raised £500 within days and donated the money to the foodbank organisers now putting it to good use.

"A reduction in supermarket shopping, as locals preferred online deliveries during lockdown, has meant the Foodbank has seen a donation shortfall.

"Elmbridge resident and member Brenda Saunders from the Weybridge and District Soroptimists (SIWD) presented a cheque for £500 to Angela Miller, Weybridge Foodbank team leader," a spokesperson for the group told the Comet.

"A child needs nourishment to learn," explained Dorothy Clark, a Weybridge Soroptimist who was previously awarded an MBE for services to children’s education in the community.

"Food poverty affects families in high cost areas quickly as parents have high fixed outgoings.

"In Weybridge, any economic change can impact poverty faster as a result; COVID-19 has caused distress and accelerated it.

"It’s key we support families now over the summer holidays when schools out, we are glad to do what we can now," she added.

The branch runs regular fundraisers and supporting community projects like the Weybridge and Walton foodbanks, and have recently shifted their organization to Zoom calls amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Soroptimists were founded in the US in 1921 and promote women's rights and the empowerment of women globally.

As the Comet reported previously, foodbanks in the area have reported a surge in demand and shortage of donations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to find out how to support Runnymede Foodbank.