A hospital worker at Epsom General has sewn and distributed hundreds of face masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus in the community.

Radiology Co-ordinator Helen Bullen works at the NHS Hospital and has sewn and sold over 650 masks so far, raising funds for Epsom Hospital Charity in the process.

All her proceeds are sent to the hospital-backing charity in order to double her impact against Covid-19, with the NHS hospital remaining on the frontlines of the ongoing pandemic.

Helen began selling the face masks after making some for her two daughters and receiving requests from friends.

"I wanted to make fun masks for my daughters so that they wouldn’t feel anxious wearing one," she said.

"After sharing photos on social media, I was inundated with requests from friends to make more.

"I thought why not, I love sewing and I find it really relaxing making masks after a busy shift at the hospital," Helen added.

The government have mandated that face masks must be worn at all times on public transport and in all shops from July 24.

A large number of academic studies have shown that wearing masks can be a highly effective way of stopping the transmission of Covid-19 coronavirus.

In June, a study from Cambridge University and the University of Greenwich showed that mass mask wearing, coupled with further lockdown restrictions, could effectively prevent a second wave of the virus from occurring later this year or next.

Deputy Chief Executive Dr Ruth Charlton said: “We are so touched that after a busy shift at Epsom Hospital, Helen would give up her time to make these amazing masks to raise money for our charity. We owe her a huge thank you!

“Our staff have done an incredible job in caring for patients and helping to keep others safe during the pandemic, and Helen’s generous offer is testament to the commitment and passion of our staff.”

Some of the most popular patterns have included spots, bees, pugs and stripes.

Helen also made several child friendly fabrics for facemasks, including designs with footballs, flamingos and pirate skulls.

“As a member of the team at Epsom and St Helier and also as a local resident, I wanted to give something back and do something to support my colleagues during the pandemic," Helen said.