Care homes in Surrey have praised everyone who helped support them during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with messages of thanks.

Care homes in Kingston Vale, Leatherhead and Weybridge run by Care UK issued messages of thanks on Monday (July 13) as they described the generosity and support from their respective communities in facing the coronavirus pandemic as best they could.

The communitarian spirit of the residents and their tireless carers was also highlighted in the messages released this week.

"Sherwood Grange was inundated with support, receiving fresh fruit from their local M and S branch, as well as magazines and other items from The Lady magazine," a Care UK spokesperson described.

Surrey Comet: Marion Nevill at Sherwood Grange care homeMarion Nevill at Sherwood Grange care home

"The past two months have also revealed the artistic talent of Dr Marian Spencer, Peggy Farnish, Marion ‘Alice’ Nevill and Mollie Wheeldon, the ‘Sherwood Grange Ladies’ – the residents’ artworks raised £500 for the NHS during the Florence Nightingale’s Artist for the NHS Art Auction."

Rick Mayne, home manager at Sherwood Grange, added his thoughts: “The past few months have shown how lucky we are to share our home with many kind, wise, or creative residents and team members.

“We were blown away with the Sherwood Ladies’ talent and kindness; they truly helped to keep everyone’s spirits up with their beautiful art, all while raising funds for the NHS," he said.

At the Milner House in Leatherhead, residents received letters from the Friends of Milner House support group, as well as "hundreds of bouquets from the home’s local Aldi branch," Care UK said.

"Team members also received treats and chocolates from residents’ families and the Brancaster Grove community," the group's spokesperson added.

Surrey Comet: Residents at Milner House care home in LeatherheadResidents at Milner House care home in Leatherhead

Meanwhile over in Weybridge, residents were helped in their celebrations for VE Day's 75th anniversary with donations of knitting materials for bunting.

Morrison’s Weybridge also sent 100 chocolate eggs to celebrate Easter to residents and the team.

"Weybridge children, as well as residents’ families, also put their pen to paper for residents, sending letters and artwork," Care UK reported.

The impact of coronavirus has so far fallen disproportionately on care homes in the UK, with over 16,000 people dying in care homes or almost third of the UK's total deaths from the virus to date.

Joe Patterson, home manager at Milner House, reflected on the home's experiences during the pandemic: “We want to thank everyone in Leatherhead and beyond for their continued kindness throughout this challenging time.

“Both residents and team members are looking forward to welcoming back local people into Milner House to say thank you when we are able.”