Esher and Walton MP Dominic Raab helped reopen the Heart Shopping Centre in Walton on Saturday (June 20) amid the ongoing row over the death of motorcyclist Harry Dunn.

The shopping centre had been closed for months due to the restrictions imposed to help curtail the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"The Heart is an important part of the community in Walton, so it is encouraging to see it re-opened as part of the latest careful easing of the lockdown measures," the foreign secretary said.

"I am very impressed by the hard work everyone has put in to make sure that The Heart is COVID-19 secure.

“The past few months have been very difficult for retailers in Walton, so I would encourage residents – if they are able – to get out and support them," he added.

Two days after the reopening the latest twist in the ongoing case regarding the death of the teenager Harry Dunn emerged.

Sir Ivor Roberts, a former British ambassador in Serbia, Ireland and Italy, said it was "wholly illogical ... to waive immunity for a member of staff" at RAF Croughton and "not to do so for a member of his or her household".

Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US diplomat, allegedly killed Harry in a traffic collision.

She claimed diplomatic immunity after the teenager died in a crash outside a US military base in Northamptonshire on August 27.

Harry Dunn's parents, Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, allege Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab acted unlawfully over the suspect's departure from the UK.

The Dunn family claim Sacoolas - in line with agreements made between the UK and the US - should have had her claim to immunity pre-waived.

Raab's Foreign Office meanwhile argues that - because Sacoolas was notified to them as a spouse - and dependants were not mentioned in the so-called Exchange of Notes, her immunity was not pre-waived, in what they have described as an "anomaly".

Before his application for a witness testimony in the case was dismissed, Sir Ivor said in a statement: "It is wholly illogical and against any sensible interpretation of the Vienna Convention to waive immunity for a member of staff and not to do so for a member of his or her household.

"In a more extreme example of domestic violence, were the US official to kill his wife after a domestic argument he would not enjoy immunity from criminal jurisdiction whereas if the roles were reversed and she killed him, she would benefit from immunity. A palpable absurdity."

Speaking on behalf of the Dunn family, spokesman Radd Seiger told the PA news agency: "It is now overwhelmingly clear how Harry Dunn's parents find themselves in the appalling situation they are in, without justice, without closure.

"They lost their son 10 months ago and the person who took his life was allowed to walk away.

"But the minister responsible at the time and one of this country's leading diplomatic immunity experts now make it clear that Anne Sacoolas did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of the crash with Harry Dunn."