Police in Elmbridge praised a 12-year-old boy recently after they found him collecting litter in Molesey and decided to help out.

On Friday (May 22), a spokesperson for Elmbridge Police recounted the story of PC Darrell Taylor, who found the young boy helping tidy up his area in Molesey.

In a post to Facebook that garnered hundreds of likes and positive comments, the spokesperson said:

"A wonderful story from PC Darrell Taylor...

"A 12 year old lad has just spent quite some time clearing up rubbish on the Basketball Courts in The Wilderness in #Molesey.

"As you can see he found glass bottles and NOS canisters. A noble act and certainly worthy of a Elmbridge Police Shout Out!

"His box broke from the quantity so PC Taylor aided him with a few evidence bags.

"Young man- you know who you are- we salute you as a community hero!"