Police have confirmed they will be stepping up patrols at Nonsuch park following reports of a man following a woman last week.

Officers were called to reports concerning a man acting suspiciously in the Warren Fields area of Nonsuch Park around 8 pm, on May 5.

The suspect has reportedly followed several women in the past week.

One lady said: "I first spotted him in the wooded area that runs parallel to Seymour Avenue in Warren Fields.

"I stayed on the path in the field so I could see other people and be in the open.

"He started walking on the parallel path in the woods, then stopped and watched me walk back down the hill towards the main path, then started striding towards me.

"I kept looking around at him but he didn't stop walking towards me.

"I suddenly changed direction to see if I was imaging it and he followed me.

"I got scared, saw a family walking up the main path toward the Seymour Avenue gate and walked fast across the heath towards them.

"He followed me, then walked in a different direction once I was on the main path and the family were in shouting distance.

"I would definitely suggest any ladies walking on their own avoid the wooded area in Warren Fields for the time being."

The female described him as a young white male, in his late teens to early twenties, of slim build and 5ft8 tall.

He was last seen wearing a black baseball hat, black trousers, a black t-shirt with an image on and a black unzipped hoody.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police said: "The report has been passed to the local Safer Neighbourhood Team who will be stepping up patrols in the area over the coming weekend.

“Anyone who witnesses any suspicious behaviour in the area is asked to contact police immediately on 999.”