A new app designed to help support dads in Surrey and across the UK has been launched in partnership with the NHS.

DadPad is a free online app has been developed in Surrey and elsewhere to support dads, and particularly new fathers, to help guide them into fatherhood.

"DadPad gives fathers access to knowledge and practical skills on a range of topics from pregnancy and supporting their partner through to how to care for a crying baby, first aid tips and knowing their baby’s milestones from birth up until 18 months," a spokesperson said.

Kevin Baulcomb is dad to two-year old Bertie and four-week old Mabel who was born at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey.

He has been trialling the DadPad app and praised its benefits for new parents.

"DadPad is a great help for new dads. The information, guidance and tips cover a huge variety of topics and situations that all new and experienced dads will benefit from," he said.

“So much of the parenting information out there is aimed at mothers and sometimes us dads can feel left behind. DadPad really helps with all manner of situations the new dad will find himself in," Kevin added.

Dr Paul Crawshaw, Clinical Lead for Women and Children’s Transformation at Surrey Heartlands, said: “We are delighted to be launching this app for fathers across Surrey.

"New dads can often feel anxious and unsure, and it’s particularly important at this current time of social distancing that dads feel supported."

“DadPad gives them a trusted source of information to help them care for their baby, and their partner, with confidence and understanding.

"The practical skills will help dads to meet their baby’s needs and give them the best start in life, which is what every new parent wants," he added.

The DadPad app was developed by Julian Bose, Director of Inspire Cornwall CIC, in partnership with NHS clinical staff and new dads and is available to download onto any smart phone from app stores.