Kingston Libraries are encouraging residents to recreate book covers using household items ahead of World Book Night tonight (April 23).

The borough's library administrators announced the challenge on Twitter, using their account to post a recreation of The Salt Path by Raynor Winn.

Librarian Kate Priestley, who made the aforementioned creation, told the Comet more about the idea.

"People have been doing similar things online creating their favourite works of art and so on, we wanted to explore what people could do at home.

"First of all we thought just redesigning a book cover, but making it with household objects makes it even more relatable (and funny!)" she said.

Indeed, a number of entries posted online have already prompted praise for their humour and ingenuity.

It's all in aid of promoting reading in adults, so many of whom are cooped up in isolation at the moment during the coronavirus quarantine.

World Book Night this Thursday evening is the older brother of the children-centric World Book Day.

It aims to get adults reading by promoting a varied, limited list of books to dive into on the night, with publishers printing more of the selected titles for free so that libraries can access and distribute them.

"We're trying to link it to the World Book Night list initially to help promote it," Kate said.

"The Association of Senior Children's and Education Librarians (ASCEL) have picked up on it and other libraries including Redbridge have too so hopefully others will too and it can get even bigger," she added.

To enter, simply Tweet or post pictures of your entries online next to the original book cover using the hashtag #wbncoverchallenge.

A full list of books promoted during tonight's World Book Night can be found on the website.