London is expected to bask in a mini heatwave during the rest of the week, with temperatures reaching 24C as the hottest April in six years continues.

Britain is forecast to be hotter than Ibiza on Thursday and Friday, and the capital is set to see the best of the weather.

But despite the warm weather and sunshine, many of the UK's open spaces will be largely empty due to the coronavirus lockdown as people are urged to remain at home.

Surrey Comet:

Met Office forecasters said the expected warm weather will take the UK several degrees hotter than the 19C of Ibiza, and is a result of a large area of high pressure to the north of England.

Most of the country will bask in the sunshine on both days, with temperatures reaching up to 23C in Wales and south west England.

But London will enjoy the highest nationwide temperatures, with the mercury rising to 24C (75.2F) on Thursday.

This would be well above the average high of 14C (57.2F) in April for England and the hottest the UK has been this month since 2014, the Met Office said.

Surrey Comet:

Friday will see temperatures drop slightly to 23C in the capital, 22C (71.6F) in Wales and south-west England and 18C in Scotland.

Parks and green spaces remain open in London to allow for daily exercise, but police have been reported as breaking up football matches and moving on sunbathers for flouting the rules.

Surrey Comet: