Kingston Council (RBK) are urging residents with experience to volunteer as carers as the borough continues to confront the coronavirus epidemic.

On Friday (April 3), RBK issued a statement calling on residents to consider taking up roles as carers in order to support some of the borough's most vulnerable residents through the crisis.

Social work and occupational therapy would be the areas most sought after, the statement read, as the council signalled that retired or unemployed carers could be particularly helpful to the borough:

"We are looking to add to our team of Community Volunteers with specialist skills in social work and occupational therapy.

"If you are a retired or currently unemployed social worker or occupational therapist or have skills and experience in these areas, we would welcome your time and support.

"A few hours a week of your time could make a big difference to our residents. Tasks could include supporting our services in their contact with vulnerable people, home visiting, telephone advice, shopping, and assistance with correspondence."

RBK's Leader Caroline Kerr added her thoughts:

"Everyone is doing so well at staying home but behind many closed doors there is increasing need.

"That is why today I am appealing for anyone who has a background in health or social care to come forward and volunteer," she said.

The council also repeated its encouragement to residents who might need additional help from support services to contact them:

"If you’re somebody at home who needs help and who hasn’t heard from the council, please go on the council website, or phone our number that’s 0208 547 5000, and we’ll try and get you the help that you need," the statement read.