LOOK up to the skies over London and there are very few flights as the coronavirus lockdown continues.

In fact at many points during Friday morning there were no flights at all over the country featured on flightradar24, an online tracker that monitors aviation traffic across the world.

With flights around the world grounded recent images have been a stark difference to what it would normally be like.

This is the normal picture, taken from March 2:

Surrey Comet:

This is compared to flight traffic on the afternoon of Friday, April 3:

Surrey Comet:

Worldwide airlines have been slashing flights because of the pandemic and on Friday Heathrow announced it will close one of its runways from next week as air traffic continues to plummet. 

This week EasyJet announced it was grounding all flights and British Airways has suspended 36,000 staff.

Gatwick Airport has suspended all operations at its North Terminal.