A graffiti artist in Kingston has joined in borough and nationwide efforts to tackle the spread of the coronavirus through distancing.

An artwork by Sky High, a street artist who works in Kingston, appeared on a building at the Fairfield Recreation Ground in Kingston lately.

A picture of the artwork, which enforced the UK's predominant advice-instructions "Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives", was later tweeted by Kingston Council (RBK).

A council spokesperson issued RBK's thanks to Sky High alongside the picture:

"A simple, powerful message.

"The brilliant work of graffiti artist Skyhigh at Fairfield Recreation Ground.

"Please everyone, stay indoors and save lives. Let's protect each other."

On the artist Facebook page (We Are Sky High), other artworks promoting social distancing against the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus were posted recently.

In a status update posted last week, We Are Sky High wrote:

"This is lockdown...

"Only frontline staff and key workers should be out there now...

"STAY HOME and we get through this quicker..

"Essential outings only on your own if possible

"Wear masks and gloves in shops if u can..

"Stay safe out there , together we win."

Sky High was contacted for comment.