A Worcester Park man staying at home during the coronavirus epidemic is celebrating after winning a sports car and cash prize — though he cannot access the car yet.

Car fanatic and leisure centre supervisor Robbie Pople won the Civic Type-R GT worth around £33,000, plus a £20,000 cash prize after he was named a winner of the BOTB dream car competition.

Yet he couldn't immediately take his dream motor for a spin on account of the restrictions put in place against the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

Instead, Robbie got a shock Facetime call from BOTB presenter Christian Williams who delivered the surprise news.

“I couldn’t believe it at all,” said Robbie. “I was at home, embarrassingly sitting in my snuggie watching television when Christian called.

“I have been playing for over a year and never really expected to win.

"It was a nice bit of positive news, especially with everything that is going on at the moment.”

“I’ll probably just be sensible and keep the cash in the bank for the time being, but when this is all over maybe I could book myself a dream holiday somewhere,” the 22-year old from Worcester Park added.

BOTB presenter Williams surprises winners all over the world every week, and would usually have surprised Robbie on his doorstep and offered the famous BOTB hug, which has become his trademark over the years.

He said: “While it’s a shame that we couldn’t surprise Robbie in person as we normally would, to see his delighted face on the other side of the phone was just as special for me - even if he was embarrassed to be sat in a snuggie at the time of my call.

"We hope he enjoys his new car as soon as he is able to get in it."