A Surrey-based tech company are offering free coding classes to show residents how to design apps in response to the government's restrictions against the coronavirus.

Sonin are an app development company based in Reigate.

Marketing Manager Tim Isaac told the Comet that the company hoped its offer of free and expert-led tutorials would be beneficial to those stuck at home in line with government instructions.

"It's uncertain times at the moment with a lot of bad news going around.

"We thought we've got a lot of developers on hand we know there will be a lot of people at home at the moment with some time on their hands so we thought it was a good opportunity to share some of our knowledge and help people get these skills," Tim said.

Sonin are offering a six-part course that will take users step by step through the basics of coding and app design for both iOS and Android devices.

Along with a large group messaging platform, Tim said that one-on-one tutoring with Sonin's developers was also on offer for anyone who applied for the course.

"We want to give people some one-on-one time with our developers and help people build up their skillset whether they go onto develop themselves or not, it's a really valuable skillset to have, being able to code or at least understand the basics.

"It's a six-part course that should take people step by step.

"Each lesson will cover a basic part of app development and the more you go through the more support you'll need from one of our developers," he said.

Head to Sonin's website https://sonin.agency/e-learning-programme/ for more details.