Police in Chertsey dispersed a "large group" of people playing football in a park in Chertsey today (March 24).

On Twitter, the Runnymede section of Surrey Police announced they had attended Abbey Fields in Chertsey in order to enforce the tight "lockdown" measures imposed by the government across the UK on Monday evening.

"The large group of people playing football on Abbey Fields at #Chertsey have been dispersed.

"You keep your distance and we’ll keep ours!" A spokesperson for the district police force said.

"We want to be taking pictures during patrols of eerily quiet corners of the community in order to show you that it can be done," they added, encouraging residents to abide by the government's new instructions.

On Monday (March 23), Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Britons the government would strictly enforce physical distancing measures in the UK in order to slow the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Under the new rules, everyone must stay at home, and work from home however possible.

People are only allowed to go out to work if they are essential workers, and only leave home for food or 1 hours' exercise a day, while staying 2 metres away from others.

Everyone should wash hands for 20 seconds frequently to prevent catching or spreading Covid-19.