The Ashley Centre shopping mall in Epsom will remain open according to official advice regarding the coronavirus outbreak, a spokesperson said today (Monday, March 23).

Management at the centre said Monday the wellbeing of staff and customers remained their "number one priority" as they described their decision to stay open when many stores across the UK were closing due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

"In line with the latest Government guidance, our Centre remains open.

"We have an obligation to remain open so our community can continue to buy essential health, hygiene, food and toiletry products that they need during this difficult time," a spokesperson said.

They went on to describe some of the extraordinary measures the retail centre will be taking in order to keep shoppers and staff safe and minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

Stringent cleaning measures will be put in place, while physical distancing between everyone inside the centre is now being strongly advised.

"Safety for all is of paramount importance," the centre's statement read on Monday.

"We have postponed all future events including our Mother’s Day workshop, Kids Club monthly activity and holiday craft workshops," it continued.

Opening times of shops within the centre itself will vary and the Centre advised shoppers to see individual stores' information regarding modified opening and closing times going forward.