Residents on the Cambridge Road Estate (CRE) in Kingston have overwhelmingly backed plans for its regeneration, it was announced today (Friday, March 20).

Kingston Council (RBK) organized the vote and have worked with developers to forward a far-reaching scheme to renew the housing estate.

Councillors had said that the vote was a once-in-a-generation chance for residents in the area to improve their neighbourhood.

On Friday they revealed that, with a turnout of 86 per cent of eligible residents voting, 73 per cent supported the regeneration plans.

"Residents have backed plans to regenerate the estate to deliver new high-quality, ‘greener’ homes, new gardens, play areas, streets and community facilities, and a brighter, safer neighbourhood — to take the area into the future," a statement published by RBK on Friday read.

"The Council has always believed that regeneration is the best way to provide the modern homes and safer neighbourhood that residents deserve.

"This result means the Council can improve homes for existing residents and also build new homes for those who will need them in the future."

It contains plans to build 2,170 new homes including flats, maisonettes and houses of various sizes with the number of bedrooms matched to the need of the household.

The new neighbourhood will include a minimum of an additional 114 council homes, RBK said.

The regeneration plans earmarked the existing 865 homes on the current CRE for demolition, prompting concerns from some residents eligible to vote on the ballot, which took place on Wednesday.

However, with almost three quarters of all voters backing the proposals, the regeneration is now cleared to go ahead.

Council Leader Liz Green thanked residents for their support in one of the central pillars of the council's development strategy as she outlined why RBK backed the plans to improve residents' lot in the area.

"I and my council colleagues are passionate about tackling overcrowding and addressing the fundamental problems with the buildings and design of the space. But also with delivering quality outdoor space and community facilities.

"Now, with the backing of the estate's residents, we can build on the work we have done together to make sure regeneration will address these and other issues residents have told us about," Cllr Green said.

Portfolio Holder for Housing, Councillor Emily Davey, said the vote means that residents were now at the heart of the regeneration plans as they move forwards.

"Hundreds of residents have worked with the Council and Countryside on the plans for the new estate.

"The result of the ballot means we can radically change the lives of residents on the estate. We can provide warm, safe homes which will be cheaper for residents to run," she said.

RBK said it would continue to engage with residents of CRE and update them as the regeneration gets underway.