Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) have launched a provocative new campaign warning those who litter about the penalties linked to such behaviour.

The main poster for the council's 'Only Losers Litter' campaign features a driver casually littering from his car — throwing £100 in cash out of the car window.

It's a reference to the £100 fine any litterers will face if caught in the act.

MVDC said that signs featuring the poster would be placed across roads in the district in the hope of encouraging drivers to think twice before dropping litter likely to harm the region's environment.

"By putting more JET officers in litter hotspots, and encouraging road users to report litterers, we hope to drive home the message that this anti-social behaviour has become much harder to get away with.

"If we catch you, we fine you," said Cabinet Member for Environment Claire Malcomson.

Cllr Malcomson went on to highlight the very real impacts littering could have on flora and fauna in the area:

"Not only is litter a blight on our natural environment, but empty cans and bottles can trap small mammals and kill them.

"If the loss of life isn’t deterrent enough, we hope the loss of cash is," she added.

MVDC said that additional Joint Enforcement Team (JET) officers would be patrolling litter hotspots in the hopes of catching more offenders, while a new page on the council's website lets residents report littering wherever they see it.