A boxing club in New Malden is offering free sessions to men aged 25 and over in an effort to fight back against anxiety and depression.

The Two Kings Boxing Club is run by tireless manager Ben Young, who has seen countless success stories pass through the gym including several champions.

Ben said he was inspired to offer the sessions after a close friend of his was impacted by depression.

"I'm doing it for him," he told the Comet.

"I just thought if I can get people in, I can help them. Boxing can give you a purpose. I know it can help people," Ben added.

He first announced his wish to do just that through the gym in a message published on Facebook on Tuesday (February 18).

The post has since garnered almost 700 'likes' and prompted an outpouring of support.

In a later post, Ben said he hadn't anticipated "in a million years" that it would reach so many people and had to make provisions that only the first 25 people to sign up could take part in the first session due to the gym's limited capacity.

Surrey Comet: Image: Two Kings Boxing Club via FacebookImage: Two Kings Boxing Club via Facebook

Yet it's clear Ben's not alone in understanding that boxing can help beat back depression and anxiety.

"I have a lot of people in my gym now that weren't feeling good about themselves but are now feeling better, and in a happier place.

"Boxing can help people like that. If I didn't have boxing I'd probably be out drinking, would be unhealthy or something like that.

"I know this works. When you're at a boxing club and you've been there a while you become like a family," Ben said.

Surrey Comet: Two Kings Boxing Club via FacebookTwo Kings Boxing Club via Facebook

"Everyone pushes each other. We've got members who said it's saved their marriage, saved their health, they've lost weight — it's just good for their wellbeing," he added.

The New Malden club is entirely self-funded, with Ben often fronting some of money needed for rent and upkeep. 

Two Kings not only boasts an impressive record of helping people in their personal lives.

It has also produced champions of its own, including a five-time national champion.

Surrey Comet: Two Kings Boxing Club via FacebookTwo Kings Boxing Club via Facebook

Ben said he understood that he could use the gym to help others in this way primarily because it helped him personally by giving him a purpose.

And it's already doing so for others too.

"I'm really proud of everyone at the gym. I love them all really," Ben said.

The Two Kings Boxing Gym is located on Kingston Road in New Malden and offering free sessions from Sunday (8am) for men aged 25+ impacted by anxiety and depression.