A Chessington man who targeted a chain store in Surbiton has been jailed and handed a ban on entering shops using masks and other disguises.

John Alder was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment for two counts of Shoplifting at B&M Ewell Road, Surbiton yesterday (February 19).

The 47-year-old was also issued a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) that bans him from entering any shop within England and Wales "with any form of headgear, sunglasses or any form of disguise when entering any shop."

This CBO will last for two years, police said.

A spokesperson for Tolworth and Hook Rise Met Police described the team's satisfaction after they helped bring the conviction:

"We are very pleased with this result for a prolific shoplifter who refuses to engage with drug workers, fails to keep to court bail conditions and uses intimidation to staff in shops when committing his offences," the spokesperson said.

They also offered further details of the sentencing, revealing that the Chessington man had called the presiding judge a "witch" during his sentencing.

"During sentencing John’s previous Community Order was revoked as he failed to keep to it’s conditions," the Met spokesperson said.

"John was imprisoned immediately and refused to listen to the whole sentence saying to the Magistrates only that they had no heart and called the Magistrate reading out the sentence a “Witch”.