Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) announced they will partner with an Epsom-based start up to provide new digital care for elderly residents in the area.

Tab Care Limited provide an app, downloadable to smart devices like watches and phones, that can help elderly residents live independently.

The app platforms a voice activated/touch-sensitive panic button onto devices that can give those who need to assurance and also allows family members to track a relative's location.

Surrey Comet: Image: Tab CareImage: Tab Care

Mole Valley described the Tab Care deal as "ideal" for elderly residents in need of care who were not currently in specialist homes.

Councillor Hazel Watson, Cabinet Member for Community at MVDC, said:

"This new Tab Care service is ideal for those who are not yet ready for our Mole Valley Independent services, with their direct link to a 24 hour, local call centre, but may just want to be able to contact a family member when in need.

"Mole Valley Life is working on a huge range of services to enable people to stay independent in their own homes for longer and this clever alarm will allow them to do just that discreetly, as it works via the Google Home device.

"For those that want an easy and discreet link to family members whilst out and about, the new app allows individuals to reach out for help without attracting attention from others nearby," she said.

The Comet spoke with Tab Care CEO Vasu Sarin in May last year soon after the company began trading.

He described how he first came up with the idea for a personalised panic button:

"I came up with the idea in 2015 when my grandmother had a fall...she collapsed and hit her head on the bins and was screaming out for help for hours but no one heard her because noone was home and noone was near her.

"I wanted a way for her to contact me, to work on her terms.

"If they want to wear the app with a Smartwatch they can, but it's also available on your phone," Sarin said.

For those residents interested in helping relatives with the new technology, MVDC said they would be offering free tests at their Community Safety Day on the March 18 at Dorking Halls.

Sarin said he was "proud" of the partnership forged between the district council and the Epsom start up, which is registered in Banstead.

"We are very proud to be working with Mole Valley District Council," the entrepeneur said.

"This partnership will allow thousands to be able to access digital social care."