The Rising Sun pub in Epsom has been boarded up with no clear date set for it's reopening.

The news was passed to the Comet by Epsom resident Marcus Gosling, who up until recently used the pub with Epsom Chess Club as a venue for their matches.

On turning up to play one evening last week, Marcus found boards blocking the windows and doorways without an immediate explanation.

"I arrived last Thursday (January 30) to run the junior club there, only to find that the place had all been boarded up — we couldn't get in," he told the Comet.

"I was left in the unfortunate situation with a load of parents waiting to have their kids taught chess and we had to find somewhere else.

"It was a complete shock because we were there on the Monday for the adult club and it seemed fine, but between those two days it had been boarded up," Marcus added.

The Comet contacted Youngs, who run the pub, about the closure.

Marcus received his own assurances from a Youngs spokesperson that the pub would be reopening but it seems no date for that has been set.

"We don't know the exact date but they told us they need to clean and refurbish it before reopening so I would imagine a few months," the Epsom man said.

"We hope it reopens soon and isn't permanently closed down — it's a nice pub!" he added.

Marcus said that in the mean time Epsom Chess Club would be relocating to the The Haywain Brewers Fayre in Epsom.