Five people were arrested following a dramatic car chase on Hampton Court Way near Thames Ditton last night (February 6).

In image uploaded to Twitter by Surrey Road Policing Unit (RPU) showed multiple police cars stopping a Volvo on Hampton Court Way around 2.55am.

A spokesperson for Surrey RPU offered further details of the pursuit.

They revealed that road cops including an Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) had used stingers on the vehicle attempting to evade them four times before it was successfully stopped:

"Night turn are finishing off their paperwork following a Pursuit with a stolen Volvo that was stung FOUR times!

"TPAC by RPU with ARV support.

"5 in custody for numerous offences including Agg Twoc, going equipped for Burglary, and driver on drugs and failed to provide," the spokesperson said.

'Agg Twoc' is an abbreviated term referencing the crime of Aggravated Vehicle Taking.