The Adrian Mann Theatre in Ewell will stage a dramatization of The Diary of Anne Frank, perhaps the most famous and moving account of the Holocaust.

The dramatization will be performed by the Sutton Ewell Amateur Dramatic Club (SADC) amid the 75th anniversaries of the liberation of Nazi concentration and death camps by the Allies during the Second World War.

A spokesperson for SADC described the group's plans for the dramatization of the world-famous diaries in more detail:

"Anne tells the story of the time when her Jewish family and a number of Jewish friends went into hiding in Nazi occupied Holland in the hope that they could survive in secret until the end of the war.

"While in hiding, Anne wrote the diary, describing what happened and how she felt about the people she was with and the world around her."

The Frank family's hiding place was later discovered by the Nazi's and they were sent to concentration camps, with only the father Otto surviving to see the end of the war in 1945.

SADC said they had obtained permission from Amsterdam's Anne Frank Museum to use photographs of Anne Frank and her family during the production and its promotion.

SADC will stage The Diary of Anne Frank at the Adrian Mann Theatre at NESCOT ion Ewell from March 18-21. Tickets are available via the SADC and NESCOT websites.