The Ashley Centre in Epsom are running a craft workshop for kids with an environmental twist.

The Ashley Bear Kids Club — a free monthly meet for children and their parents at the Epsom shopping centre — will promote the benefits of recycling in their upcoming workshop on Sunday, February 9.

"There will be lots of opportunities to make something out of recycling, from cutting up bottles to make a turtle, octopus or fish; using egg cartons to create mini monsters, bugs or caterpillars; producing pine cone garden bird feeders and decorations to encourage nature; taking recycled tubes and making pencil holders, rockets or jewellery boxes; or using old CDs to make a clock, coaster or cute animal," a spokesperson said.

Children will also get to have a go at making their own compostable plant pot and planting stick to take home and use to grow fruit of veg of their own.

"Locally grown fruit is an important part of sustainability," the Ashley Centre pointed out.

The Ashley Bear Kids Clubs free and runs every second Sunday from 10.30am until 4.30pm providing activities and workshops for children.

"There is no need to book, just turn up and join in!

"These are not supervised playschemes and parents/guardians are requested to stay with their children and take part in the fun," the Ashley Centre spokesperson said.