Kingston Council (RBK) have confirmed the dates for a ballot that will help decide the future of the Cambridge Road Estate (CRE).

CRE residents will vote between February 24-March 18 on proposed "redevelopment" plans put forward by Kingston Council, a spokesperson for RBK said.

The ballot is the first of its kind in Kingston and was drawn up after months of preliminary meetings between residents, developers and councillors.

The existing proposals for regeneration include demolishing hundreds of existing homes and building 2,000 new homes in their stead, of which 114 (or one of every 17.5) will be new council houses.

A council spokesperson said that the new designs for the regeneration project would take forms of "mixed tenure layout and improved design: modern homes which are the right size, shared outside space with areas where children can play safely," if approved.

RBK added that the regeneration would amount to a "new neighbourhood designed in collaboration with the Police to reduce antisocial behaviour and crime — a place for everyone to enjoy."

Council Leader Liz Green commented on the announcement of the dates for the vote.

The time had finally come for residents to have the "ultimate say" on their future in the CRE, she said.

"All our residents deserve the best homes and I don’t believe people living on the estate currently have that.

"The ballot on whether to regenerate the homes and spaces of the Cambridge Road Estate is an opportunity to deliver the warm, safe and quality homes our residents deserve.

"Refurbishment cannot address the fundamental problems with the homes, buildings and design of the space.

"Nothing else comes close to providing the long-term benefits that regeneration can deliver," Cllr Green added.

The Liberal Democrat council leader suggested that the vote might amount to the final chance residents on CRE will have on defining a better housing future in the area with the council.

"I don't believe that we’ll have the chance again to increase residents’ standard of living and offer them the opportunity to shape where they live, improve their green spaces, homes and facilities," Green said.

"We don’t want to miss this opportunity.

"We are a community in Kingston. This is an opportunity to regenerate Cambridge Road Estate and put it at the heart of our community.

"We’re committed to ensuring residents of the estate have the ultimate say on their future — that time has now come."

Regeneration firm Countryside, Partnerships West London's Managing Director Daniel King meanwhile thanked CRE residents for their input thus far:

"We would like to thank the residents of the Cambridge Road Estate for the level of engagement with our proposals so far, which has been invaluable.

"We are committed to continuing a close relationship with the local community and the council to ensure that this project delivers high-quality new homes, public spaces and local amenities that serve the needs of existing residents and the wider community," he said.