A foster cat fond of watching game shows on television is looking for a new home in Epsom.

Cats Protection, who help rescue and protect vulnerable cats across the UK, described Georgie as a "telly addict" and revealed her favourite types of shows to watch with her carer.

"Gorgeous Georgie is a telly addict. Quiz shows and wildlife programmes are her favourite fix, and she likes nothing better than to sit in front of the TV.

"Ideally, this fluffy couch potato would like her new owner to be at home for most of the time. But, while she likes to have company around the home, she’s not one for too much fuss," a spokesperson for the charity said.

Surrey Comet: Georgie (Cat Protection) Georgie (Cat Protection)

Fosterer Helen Fisher, who works with Cats Protection's Epsom and Ewell branch, is currently looking after 11-year-old Georgie but said she needs a permanent home going forward.

Helen described what living with Georgie was like in the hopes that a welcoming human might be interested in looking after her in the future.

"Georgie is full of character," she said.

"She loves to sit on the floor alongside me and, while she isn’t yet brave enough sit on my lap, Georgie will squeak in her funny meow if she wants attention.

“Georgie does love her home entertainment, but it isn’t all about television.

"As well as her favourite programmes, she loves to have the radio on and sometimes a particular tune or instrument will catch her attention.

"Life is never dull with Georgie," Helen added.

Surrey Comet: Georgie (Cat Protection) Georgie (Cat Protection)

Cats Protection have 250 volunteer-run branches and 36 centres that help around 200,000 cats and kittens in Britain each year.

The charity described the ideal choice for a potential new owner for Georgie:

"This timid long-haired grey and white cat is looking for an experienced cat owner in the Epsom area who has the patience to allow her the space to settle in her own time, and the understanding to satisfy the quirks in her character," a spokesperson said.

Cats Protection’s Epsom and Ewell District Branch is calling on anyone who fits the bill, and with a secure garden (but no children), to get in touch: adoption@epsom.cats.org.uk / 0345 260 1387