A world-famous platform for enlightening talks and discussions is heading to Kingston this Saturday (January 11).

Ted X won global fame in recent years for their format of expert and panel-led discussions on a seemingly bottomless range of topics from Socrates to sushi.

On Saturday the phenomenon arrives in Kingston for a line-up of talks at the Rose Theatre in the centre of town.

13 subjects from prison and addiction to online dating for the blind are all on the bill under the umbrella title "Cut The Noise".

The host will be Business Buddha Co-Founder Magnus Wood.

"There are some incredible speakers and incredible stories," he said in a short video promoting the event.

"Watching them online is great but actually being there and seeing the impact these talks have on people's lives is amazing," Wood added.

Also on the programme will be a discussion about death cafes and the taboos around the subject of death.

Kington Councillor Sharon Young, a PhD researcher on issues surrounding death and dying, will deliver this talk titled "Let's talk about dying and start living".

Cllr Young set up Kingston's first ever death cafe and spoke with the Comet about Ted X and her chosen subject ahead of Saturday's talk.

"I've always been a fan of Ted Talks and have seen a lot of them on Youtube. I think it's great that you can learn something new in such a short period of time.

"The great thing about Ted is that you can pick any topic and there will be a talk on it.

"It's really good stimulation and is always thought-provoking," Cllr Young said.

After her proposal for a talk was accepted by Ted X, Cllr Young strived to condense a her four-year PHD subject into a 20-minute discussion.

"I spent four years studying end of life and the right to die. I have so much I wanted to say but launching death cafe came about while I was doing my PHD and it's a good conversation started," Cllr Young said, referencing her chosen subject.

Surrey Comet: Cllr Sharon YoungCllr Sharon Young

Death cafes offer a friendly and comfortable environment for anyone interested in discussing tricky subjects like death and dying free from stigma.

The beneficial impact for residents in Kingston and around the world will be the main subject of the Kingston Councillor's discussion.

"From the first event I was struck by how valuable it was for people to have a safe space to talk about their worries.

"Everytime is different. Everyone is welcome and there's no agenda.

"Topics have included the ideal death, funerals, bereavement of course and what happens during and after death....very little encouragement is needed to start talking. It just needs a little prompt to open the floodgates and all manner of experiences come out," she said.

Cllr Young revealed that she plans to launch her talk by stating the fact that "Despite all the advances in medical science, 100 per cent of people still die".

Her main focus will be on pointing out the advantages in breaking down existing taboos around death and dying in our conversations — "accepting death as a natural part of life".

Ted X Kingston is taking place at the Rose Theatre this Saturday from 11am. Tickets are available via the Eventbrite website.

Death Cafes in Kingston are taking place at the Hook Centre on Mondays, 1.30pm-3.30pm. Email Cllr Sharon Young via Kingston Council website for more information.