"I still can’t believe they didn’t stop."

Those are the words of a New Malden mum who had to watch on as her daughter was hit by a car on the way to school.

It was just after 8.30am on Tuesday when Sarah Lothian and her nine-year-old daughter Holly were making their way to class, Sarah by foot and Holly on her scooter.

They came to the pedestrian crossing near the Fountain Roundabout next to Presburg Road.

"We waited for the green light and the beeps," Sarah said.

"Holly started to scoot across the road and a car driving towards the Fountain went straight through the red light.

"There were other people on the crossing but because Holly was on her scooter she was further out. She tried to jump out of the way but the car caught her on her hip."

People passing by immediately rushed to help Holly, who was taken to hospital but suffered no serious damage to her hip.

But to the bemusement of Sarah, the car that hit her daughter kept on driving.

Surrey Comet:

Holly Lothian

"I screamed at the car but my focus was on Holly and helping her," she added.

"Other drivers jumped out of their cars but the car that had hit Holly didn’t stop.

"There was a terrible thump when it clipped my daughter, there was no way the driver wouldn’t have realised that something had happened."

Met Police confirmed they were called to the scene and that enquiries are ongoing.

"Officers were called at 8.40am on January 7 to reports of a crash between a car and a child on Presburg Road, New Malden," a Met spokesman said.

"Officers attended alongside the London Ambulance Service and found a nine-year-old girl suffering injuries which were not changing or life threatening.

"The car did not stop at the scene."

Sarah is now hoping that police find the driver who hurt her daughter.

"Holly's been very brave," she added.

"I'm still really shocked and grateful the accident wasn’t more serious."