Kingston Council (RBK) are asking for feedback from residents over proposals to bring in a borough-wide speed limit of 20 miles per hour (mph).

The council is hoping to get residents' views on the plans to extend the existing 20mph that currently covers 48 per cent of the borough's roads.

RBK said there would be exceptions for private roads and significant 'A' Roads under Transport for London (TfL) control like the A3 and A240.

A council spokesperson said that the proposals were designed to make roads safer across the borough and cited evidence to back this up.

"The most recent data from TfL confirms that the majority of collisions occur on the main road network, which is why we are proposing to treat all roads in the same way.

"This will introduce consistency across the borough and with the 20mph strategy across London.

"There is evidence from other areas of the UK that shows a reduction in average speeds when 20mph is introduced, even if there is no enforcement or traffic calming measures," a spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, air quality can also be expected to improve if the plans are adopted.

That's because lower speed limits can help 'even out' acceleration, while safer roads could encourage road users to opt for cleaner modes of transport like cycling or walking.

"We’re committed to making our roads safer, and reducing the number of road casualties caused by speeding," Councillor Hilary Gander, RBK's Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainable Transport, said.

"Although we’re really proud to say that generally Kingston performs well in terms of road safety in Greater London, we still want to continue to take a proactive approach to ensure it remains one of the safest boroughs in London.

"As well as safety, we also want to encourage healthy lifestyles and by making our roads easier to use and more attractive more residents will be happy to walk and cycle," she added.

RBK said it hopes to speak with as many residents in the borough as possible, including youths and young adults below 18 years old.

Residents interested in getting involved can attend the drop-in events starting next Thursday and running 2-4pm and 6-8pm on these days:

  • Tuesday 14 January, Kingston United Reform Church, Kingston Town Centre
  • Thursday 23 January, Glenmore House, Surbiton
  • Tuesday 28 January, Hook Centre Library, Chessington
  • Tuesday 4 February, Malden Centre, New Malden