Surrey Police said they discovered a cannabis factory at a flat in Sunbury recently.

A spokesperson for the force said that the discovery was made after officers carried out a warrant on a property at Isobel House in Sunbury last Wednesday (December 4).

They were tipped off by residents who reported smelling cannabis nearby.

After a forced entry, police said they discovered up to 400 cannabis plants plus drug paraphernalia at the flat.

Police community support officers in the area — Colin Gibbons and Steve Waters — thanked residents for their help in the discovery and said they were "delighted" with the find.

"We were in close contact to local residents and listened to their concerns about the property," the pair said.

"We’re delighted with this result and hope it has a positive impact on their community.

“We rely heavily on local communities to report suspicious behaviour to us.

"People may think that nothing will happen if they report drug related crimes, however it helps us to piece together the wider picture in order for warrants such as these to take place."