Sharron Sumner is the Green Party candidate for the Kingston and Surbiton seat at the upcoming General Election 2019 on December 12.

Ms Sumner is a Green Party Councillor on Kingston Council.

As with other candidates for the seat, the Comet spoke with Cllr Sumner about her views and policies on a range of topics about Kingston and Surbiton and beyond.

Quotes from her responses are reproduced below.

Why are you standing to be an MP for Kingston and Surbiton?

It is a fantastic opportunity to put the the urgent case for change in front of local people. We can't wait for action on the climate emergency, we need a fairer and more socially just country and we need a new, open and transparent politics right now. The establishment parties have failed so now it it is time for the Greens.

What is your favourite thing about the constituency?

Watching my son Felix enjoy our green spaces, from running around the fields at Tolworth Court Farm, to playing on the rocks in Claremont Gardens. There's a vibrant community spirit here, the Sardine Festival is always a highlight for my family. Parading down to the river surrounded by giant guinea pigs - who wouldn't love that?

What is the single most serious issue the constituency faces?

The climate emergency!

How would you help balance the need for more houses with the desires of many residents to avoid excessive development?

The Green Party proposes giving Councils and our communities the powers to set their own housing targets based on the needs of the community to ensure our green spaces are protectedl. Yes we need new homes but the targets been set by the London Mayor are too high and trying to meet these unreasonable targets are endangering our precious habitats and biodiversity

What would you do to combat hunger and the rising use of foodbanks?

No one in this country should go hungry. The Greens pledge to establish a legal "Right to Food", and bring in a Universal Basic Income (£89 a week to all adults), we would also support the establishment of new urban community farms to bring food production closer to the people.

How can we best tackle the climate emergency at the constituency level?

New homes should be built to the highest environmental standards so that they don't require heating. We also need to reconsider the demolition of the Cambridge Road Estate, so that homes are properly refurbished, the unnecessary demolition of the CRE carries an environmental price tag we can't afford. We also need to stop the ecological disaster taking place in our borough, tree loss threats to our natural reserves (including Tolworth Court Farm and Seething Wells) that's why I believe the council should have a dedicated Climate Emergency Committee.

What one thing would you most like to see change in your own party? (Independents: Where is your campaign’s biggest area for improvement?)

I would like to see more Green MP elected - starting here by electing me as Kingston and Surbiton's first female MP

How would you work to improve education in Kingston and Surbiton?

I would start by ensuring education is properly funded including SEND, which would prevent the Liberal Democrat lead Council from stealing money from our general school fund to cover up their failures to deal with the Special Educational Needs budget overspend. Free up teachers time to do what they enjoy most - teaching our children by replacing the overly bureaucratic OFSTED, and abolish SATS

How would Brexit impact residents the constituency?

We would see fewer nurses in our hospitals, shortages of medial supplies, rises in food prices and a slowing down in our economy.

If returned as an MP, what will your first question be at PMQs?

I would do something unique - I would run a poll for residents of Kingston, Surbiton Chessington and New Malden to choose the issue of most importance to them for my first ever PMQ

What is your favourite (Desert Island scenario):

Book? Lord of Rings

Film? Legally Blonde

Music? All of it!