Police launched an information appeal and accompanying video they say showed someone attempting to enter a home in Addlestone early on Thursday (November 28).

The footage shows a person clearly concealing their identity before apparently attempting to open the front door of a property in Addlestone.

Police said the footage came from a house on School Lane in Addlestone.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police's Runnymede section said there was no trace of the person seen in the footage, despite their use of a drone during a search for the suspect.

"We’re very keen to speak to this person who whilst clearly not wanting to show you all their face, managed to get recorded making a determined and rapid attempt to try the front door handle of a house this morning in #Addlestone.

"The occurrence took place at 02:54 in School Lane.

"Officers deployed and were on scene quickly, even deploying a drone however there was no trace of the suspect locally."

Police urged any witnesses to call them on 101 citing Reference 45190127699, or try Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

They also offered advice for how residents could best stay safe from would-be thieves.

"Keep expanding the ring of steal with your video doorbells and quick submissions.

"It does help show some solidarity. Share far and wide please. Criminals will travel."