Conservative candidate for Esher and Walton Dominic Raab is under pressure after grieving parents and residents confronted him at a hustings in East Molesey Monday night (November 25).

The Tory incumbent in Esher and Walton faced anger, boos and shouts of "coward" from residents at the election event hosted at the East Molesey Methodist Church.

Among them were the parents of killed teenager Harry Dunn.

Tim Dunn and Charlotte Charles have critized Mr Raab over his handling of the inquest into their son's death.

The Tory politician left the East Molesey Methodist Church in a black BMW behind tinted windows while a crowd was held back by police.

Surrey Comet: Image: SWNSImage: SWNS

Earlier, as Mr Raab turned up to a hustings, Mr Dunn pleaded with him for answers but had his pleas rejected by the politician.

In the brief but passionate exchange, the Foreign Secretary told Mr Dunn: “I’m very happy to speak to you but I have to go in there.

“I don’t want to keep the other people waiting but I am very happy to see you any time, you’ve got my number.”

Around 100 people were shut out of hustings moments before the father of biker Harry Dunn's father challenged the foreign secretary.

Surrey Comet: Harry Dunn's father at the Esher and Walton hustings. Image: SWNSHarry Dunn's father at the Esher and Walton hustings. Image: SWNS

A crowd of voters stood outside the Methodist Church after organisers shut the doors.

Those eager to get inside were told the venue had reached capacity and they couldn't be allowed in for safety reasons.

As hustings continued inside the crowd chanted "let us in" and six police officers arrived.

Mr Dunn and Mrs Charles met with Mr Raab, currently the Foreign Secretary, after Harry was killed in a road collision.

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The parents had hoped the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) could help convince the primary suspect in Harry's death, US citizen Anne Sacoolas, to return to the UK and cooperate with British Police's investigation.

After the meeting, their lawyer told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire the encounter with Mr Raab had been "catastrophically bad".

On Monday as the foreign secretary disappeared behind wrought iron gates Mr Dunn said: “I wanted to ask him why he lied to me.

“We had a meeting with him on October 9 when he told the family that the diplomatic immunity was still in place and they tried their best with the Americans but they’re not going to waive it and in the meeting he’s asked us ‘is there anything he could do’ and Charlotte has asked him ‘can you put in for another waiver?’

“He says of course I will, a few weeks later when he addressed the House of Commons he said that he knew on October 8 that the immunity had been impertinent and that there was no immunity - the Americans had agreed there was no immunity on October 8.

“So I just wanted to ask him why he lied and what was his reasoning of not giving us the truth. I’m just getting frustrated."

Surrey Comet: Image: SWNSImage: SWNS

Mr Raab won re-election to the Esher and Walton seat with a majority of over 27,000 votes.

He faces a challenge from several candidates including the Liberal Democrats' Monica Harding, who believes she can win the seat in part because of its decisive 'Remain' vote in 2016 (58.43 per cent).