The former Conservative MP for Esher and Walton endorsed the Liberal Democrat candidate in the upcoming general election today (November 25).

Ian Taylor, who was Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton between 2987-2010, is currently president of the Esher and Walton European Movement.

In a dramatic twist in the race for his old seat, Mr Taylor urged residents not to vote Conservative and said the Lib Dem's candidate Monica Harding was "worthy of support" instead.

In a statement posted to Twitter Monday morning, Mr Taylor said:

"I no longer recognize the Conservative Party as it is today.

"There should be support for pro-European candidates. Esher and Walton residents voted convincingly 'Remain' in the EU Referendum.

"To secure that objective or even to secure the least harmful Brexit, voting now will need to be tactical rather than by traditional allegiance.

"Monica Harding is, in my personal opinion, the candidate for Esher and Walton best placed to pursue these policies in Parliament."

Ms Harding is currently campaigning to oust the sitting Conservative MP and current Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in Esher and Walton.

Mr Raab has consistently supported leaving the EU, while over 58 per cent of voters in his seat supported 'Remain' during the 2016 Referendum.

Speaking to the Comet on Monday, Mr Taylor said he did not identify with the current Conservative Party and cited concerns over Britain's relationship with the rest of Europe.

"I can longer identify with the party I represented in the House of Commons for 23 years. It's changed and Brexit has been a big factor.

"I'm not here to criticise others but rather state my own conclusions as to the way the Party has moved in recent years," Mr Taylor said.

He also expanded on his statement that the Conservative's current slogan of "Get Brexit Done" was misleading.

"Assume that Conservative Party won a majority and tried to leave on Boris Johnson's terms on January 31st — that would be just the beginning of negotiations with the European Union.

"Johnson also said he won't extend beyond the end of 2020 the time to get a trade deal. Well, he has no chance of getting a trade deal by that stage.

"There's now a greater risk of there being no deal at the end of 2020. I think that would be a disaster for this country," Mr Taylor said.

Earlier this year, Mr Raab told the Comet that he supported leaving the EU despite the 2016 Remain vote in his seat.

"It's crucial we keep our promises to voters and leave the EU by October, to end this debilitating uncertainty and maintain public trust in our democracy," Mr Raab said.

On Monday Ms Harding meanwhile quickly responded on Twitter to Mr Taylor's endorsement of her bid to oust the Conservatives in Esher and Walton.

"I am extremely grateful for Ian’s support and the ever growing support I am receiving from constituents across #EsherandWalton," she said.

"Many here, who represent the moderate ground, are laying aside tribal politics and putting our country first. I truly believe I can help achieve this."

NB: The Surrey Comet is reaching out to all GE2019 candidates in Esher and Walton and will be publishing individual profiles including interviews in the coming days.