Surrey Police and Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) joined forces for road safety in the borough on Tuesday (November 19).

Together with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and the HMRC Mobile Enforcement Team, they were taking part in a joint initiative called the 'Road Enforcement and Education Day (REED)'.

The REED event took place on the A24 Ewell By-pass.

It was aimed at checking whether vehicles were legal and roadworthy.

In total, Surrey Police said that three vehicles were seized and a number of others penalised for a variety of faults that highlighted the prevalence of bad habits on the roads in the area.

"66 vehicles were stopped as part of the Road Enforcement and Education Day (REED), which took place on the A24 Ewell by-pass and involved police officers and staff, as well as representatives from #Epsom and #Ewell Borough Council’s environmental health department, the DVSA, the DVLA, and the HMRC Mobile Enforcement Team.

"As well as the three vehicles which were seized with regard to documents, one driver was also arrested on suspicion of drug driving," a spokesperson said.

Surrey Comet: Image: Epsom and Ewell Police via FacebookImage: Epsom and Ewell Police via Facebook

Epsom and Ewell Police added the following breakdown of other actions taken Tuesday:

  • Six prohibition notices issued due to the condition of the vehicle;
  • Two vehicles clamped;
  • 28 checks carried out in relation to carrying waste, with 15 notices;
  • Fuel checks were carried out on around 40 vehicles

Epsom and Ewell PC PC Tom Arthur said: "This was a hugely successful example of joint partner working which was aimed at making the roads in Epsom and Ewell safer for local residents.

"We would like to thank all the partner agencies which contributed towards this worthwhile and productive operation."

EEBC meanwhile commented on their role in the attempt to promote road safety in the borough.

"As part of yesterday’s Road Enforcement and Education Day (REED) multi-agency op, the Council’s Environmental Health team carried out 28 checks in relation to carrying waste and issued 15 notices, 13 roadside checks on waste carriers registration and issued 3 waste duty of care notices as part of our ongoing efforts to clamp down on illegal fly tipping," an EEBC spokesperson said.