A conservation group from Leatherhead are fundraising to build safe spaces for orphaned animals to stay in.

Wildlife Aid, an animal charity from Leatherhead, said they are hoping to raise £17,000 for a new 'unit' to house more animal orphans than they can manage at present.

The announcement came after Wildlife Aid were named among the charities included in fund matching website The Big Give's Christmas Challenge 2019.

That means all donations made online through the Big Give website between 12pm on Tuesday December 3 and 12pm on Tuesday December 10 will be doubled.

A spokesperson for Wildlife Aid pointed out that many of the animals they help in their conservation work are orphans.

While they've helped many animals who lost their parents, Wildlife Aid said they would be able to maximise how many they can look after with funding for a extra safe spaces.

"Each year, Wildlife Aid Foundation looks after thousands of such animals and returns them to the wild.

"Most are abandoned by parents or orphaned after parents dies in accidents.

"Youngsters looked after by the charity include hedgehogs, badgers, songbirds and ducklings," a Wildlife Aid spokesperson said.

"If the target is met the charity will be able to build the new accommodation in time to house orphaned and stranded young wild animals when they start to arrive next spring," they added.

Search online for Wildlife Aid or The Big Give to find out more and how to donate.