A care home in Kingston Vale hosted a nude life drawing class for residents last week (October 30).

The class followed the well-known life-drawing format, involved nude models standing for residents to draw as they pleased under the guidance of experienced artists.

It was part of an initiative called 'The Big Draw' that has seen over 60 Care UK homes like Sherwood Grange "promote drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention".

"It’s fair to say we’ve never had a nude model at the home before - but based on the response we may well do again!" Said Rick Mayne, home manager at Sherwood Grange.

Surrey Comet: Image via Care UKImage via Care UK

"Most people expect life in a care home to be a certain way – but here at Sherwood Grange we’re keen to ensure that there are no limitations and every day can be different and fun.

"Life in our care home is all about helping people to enjoy more independent and fulfilling lives – and today that meant expanding people’s experiences and doing something out of the ordinary," he added.

After the session, Sherwood Grange said that the twelve residents who took part were full of praise for the art class.

One resident said that she was impressed that it involved a professional model and tutor and that the session hadn’t been ‘dumbed down’ for them.

Another asked if they could repeat the session very soon with a different model and perhaps include a chance to try sketching with charcoal as well as pencil.

Artist Robin Rutherford also welcomed taking part: "I found the residents and team members at Sherwood Grange to be really welcoming and it was a privilege to work with a group of open minded people keen for new artistic experiences," he said.

Launched in 2000 as part of a ‘Campaign for Drawing’, the nationwide The Big Draw promotes drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention, and has encouraged over four million people to get arty since its inception.