A new private tuition learning centre has opened its doors in Surbiton.

The Explore Learning Surbiton 'Hub' is located opposite Sainsbury’s on St Mary’s Road in Surbiton.

Explore Learning said that that the centre would act as a hub for children looking to develop their maths and English skills, though this won't come without a cost.

Standard membership at the Surbiton Hub will set residents back £129 per month, with members able to attend on a drop-in basis.

New families joining during the first three months of the centre’s opening will also avoid a £50 "registration fee", a spokesperson said.

Sam Carey, Centre Director at Explore Learning Surbiton, said that the strength of the community in Surbiton had encouraged his team ahead of the opening.

"What has struck us is the real sense of community in Surbiton. Even though it’s a busy commuter town, everyone is very supportive of one another and there are local stores that have been there for years that people love.

"We are like a family at Explore Learning and can’t wait to embed ourselves as part of the community, get involved in events and help as many families as we can," he said.

Surrey Comet: View inside Explore Learning SurbitonView inside Explore Learning Surbiton

Mr Carey added that Explore Learning's sister site in Kingston has already attracted over 100 members — something the Surbiton centre will hope to replicate.

He said that the Surbiton hub would provide extra help for students sitting the Eleven Plus, while also offering guidance on "softer skills" like confidence and communication.

"As well as maths and English, we’ll be offering support in the Eleven Plus and entrance exams, and the softer skills – like collaboration, communication and confidence.

"The feedback we’ve had from local businesses and the community has all been really positive and we’ve attracted interest from children of all ages – from little ones all the way up to 14. We can’t wait to get to know the families really well," Mr Carey said.

Explore Learning said that the centre was set to create 30 jobs in the area and urged residents to consider applying for a position there.

A spokesperson for the private tuition company added that they planned to run free workshops out of the centre, "with local libraries, schools and community groups — particularly around their annual competitions — the Explore Learning Writers’ Awards and Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards."

Several schemes designed to help everyone be able to access the services at the centre, including childcare vouchers, Tax-Free Childcare, the childcare element of Working Tax Credits, Universal Credits and the Childcare Grant for full-time students are available, Explore Learning said.