Police in Chertsey foiled an attempt to steal a digger last night (October 23) after encountering it on Pyrcroft Road.

Runnymede Beat Police posted the news on Facebook, where they described their encounter with a suspect thought to be involved in the theft of the digger.

"Our officer thought the digger was a little out of place for the time of night and the driver wasn’t wearing a high vis jacket and the amber warning light wasn’t on.

"Deciding to check it out, the digger was pulled over.

"The driver provided his name and address but couldn’t tell us where the digger came from.

"He told us a mate told him to pick it up but he couldn’t remember who his mate was; he was asked where he was taking it and he told us to his home address but didn't have a reason why," a spokesperson for the area police force said.

They then asked the driver why there was no key in the vehicle, and he reportedly claimed it had snapped off and subsequently fallen out of the cabin, raising police suspicions further.

"The Officer asked him straight up whether the vehicle was stolen.

"The driver admitted it and was swiftly arrested and taken back to Staines Police Station for questioning.

"This morning (October 24) the vehicle owners were contacted and the vehicle was returned to them; they confirmed it had been stolen during the night and the vehicle was actually hot footing it away from the scene of the crime when it was stopped!" Runnymede Police said.