Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) will ask residents where the next round of funding cuts should apply in an open consultation.

MVDC said it was launching an open public consultation, to run until Monday November 11, asking residents how they should balance their budgets in anticipation of further funding restrictions from central government.

Councillor Paul Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Finance and Organisation, said that MVDC fully expected more funding cuts to be imposed by central government in the future and wanted residents to be a part of how they should manage finances in the district going forward.

"In the future, we expect to see further reductions in funding from central government to support services to residents.

"We would like your input in considering how to balance our future budgets," he said.

MVDC laid out three main methods via which they could "balance the budget", namely:

  • Cutting costs, by reducing discretionary spending on things such as our environment, antisocial behaviour, or community grants
  • Increasing commercial income, by raising the level of fees and charges
  • Increasing its share of council tax by up to 2% (the referendum threshold)

"In previous years, MVDC has chosen to maintain services while seeking to improve efficiency through joint working and outsourcing, increasing commercial income, and increasing council tax up to the referendum threshold in order to protect its council tax base for future years," Cllr Kennedy pointed out.

"We are seeking views from residents to determine which of the above should be a priority for balancing the budget, if there were further significant reductions in central government funding," he added.

MVDC said that the consultation would not cover services provided by Surrey Police or Surrey County Council such as children's services, adult social care services and highways.

"The council tax element payable for these services is much higher than for the MVDC's own services," a spokesperson said.

Residents who want to give their opinion can complete the survey by visiting

Comments must be submitted online by Monday, November 11.