Armed police apprehended two men at Norbiton Station today (October 3) after a train guard was reportedly threatened.

British Transport Police (BTP) arrested two men in connection with the incident.

BTP said they received reports that one of the suspects had made threats against a train guard at the previous station (Vauxhall) and that they had arrived in force at Norbiton to meet him.

There had been speculation that the suspect was armed with a knife, but police did not support the assertion.

Responding to a request from the Comet, a spokesperson for BTP said:

"BTP were called at 9.08am on October 3 following a report that a train guard had been threatened at Vauxhall station, and a man had possibly been seen with a knife.

"Armed officers met the train at Norbiton and two men were stopped and searched, however no weapon was found.

"The train was also searched however no weapon was found."

The spokesperson confirmed that two men had been arrested after BTP met the train, including one who was previously wanted by police.

"One of the men was wanted and arrested, and the other man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

"They have both been taken to police custody," BTP said.